Going Green

At Countryside Service Inc , we believe that our landfills are filling too fast so we are doing our part to recycle everything that we can, from the old piping that may come out of your house to the boxes, packing, and the unneeded paper that goes through our office. We recycle our used and worn out drain cable, old service trucks, broken tools, tin cans, aluminum cans, even wire - whatever we can clean and turn in for recycling. It also helps keep our costs down and helps save you money. We do our best to keep our service trucks in top running condition, tuned and maintained to run at their best performance in order to help keep the fuel costs down. We do our best to save money so we can pass those savings on to our customers. We also offer good used and rebuilt fixtures and repair parts, hot water heaters, boilers, furnaces, and coolers, when available, at a huge discount. Why throw it out if it's still in good working condition? Countryside Service Inc is dedicated to doing our part to help our planet in any way that we can. We would like to know that our great-grandchildren can enjoy the same beautiful planet that God made for us to enjoy.