This is not a tree trunk, it is a root

Pipe with Root all the way through

Roots in pipe

Roots busting through the pipe

Roots Filling pipe

Root from drop

Root from drop

Roots are from this pipe

Root in the pipe

Tunnel under mobile home

Broken sewer pipe with roots

Hair ball from shower drain

Homemade septic tank

Root in sewer pipe

Root in the toilet drop


This was a root pulled from an outside clean out!

Roots pulled out of a sewer line. It filled out the entire pipe!

Roots wrapped up in the cable.

Our techs pulled a cover off of a cleanout access and this little mouse was trapped in between the cover and the cleanout cap. He sure was glad to see us!

A huge root in a sewer pipe

Broken pipe with roots.

Gas line above a sewer line. This is why you should always call BEFORE you dig!

Here's another root.

The white in this photo is grease in the P- trap. It has completely closed off the pipe. Example as to why NOT to put grease in the drains.

Root from a trailer drop!

Root found in a crawl space. Water supply was coming from a cracked sewer line

Root from a sewer main

Root in a broken pipe

Tylor with the root in the broken pipe

Hungry Toilet

Road Roots

Enormous Root

Enormous Root Completely Filling Pipe

Grease in line

Root around pipe in sump pump in tank

This is not a tree trunk, it is a root

Root pulled from toilet drop, wrapped around wax ring

This was hair pulled out from a shower drain!

This root came out of an irrigation line.
No wonder the customers didn't have any flow!!