• Water Alarm
    $23.50 battery included.
    Water Alarm is a battery powered alarm similar to a smoke detector but this one detects water. It sounds an 110db alarm for up to 72 hours once water is detected. The unit is small and discrete and is pet and child safe. You can put it anywhere, especially where you've had water issues before. If you have a downstairs bath that you hardly ever use, put one of these water alarms in the shower and it will sound if the main sewer starts to back up. These alarms can be placed practically anywhere.


  • Well swamp cooler season is here with a bang and here are some helpful tips on maximizing your cooler's efficiency.
    If you have aspen type pads in your cooler and your cooler is not as cool as you would like, we suggest that you either switch to the blue synthetic pads or double pad with the aspen. That will allow more water to be trapped in your pads, allowing the unit to cool better. The blue synthetic pad is also a very good pad if you have seasonal allergies. With that you should put a little bigger pump in your cooler to saturate the pads better. Finally, make sure that your water distribution tubes or spider lines are clear and stay that way. The local hardware stores sell a little tool for that. If some of those lines get plugged, that pad will not get the water it needs to cool. If you are an Excel Energy customer, they are offering some incentive rebates to upgrade your cooler. They are mostly based on the water saturation percentage of your cooler. There are some single media coolers on the market that have a saturation percentage of 90% and higher that with a control kit can get you a $500.00 rebate. It is also a good practice to hose out your cooler and pads a couple of times a season just to remove all of the debris that builds up in your cooler.
  • Irrigation season is also upon us and with our drought conditions it is important that we effectively maintain our irrigation system.
    So if you think you have a leak or some sprinkler heads that may be watering the sidewalk or road, please take the time to adjust them. It is also not a good idea to water during mid day. It is best to water either early in the morning or in the evening so there is less evaporation and the heat of the sun doesnu2019t bake your grass. You can train your grass to only need watering once, maybe twice a week and still maintain a great looking yard.

    If you ever have questions about anything please give us a call and we will answer them for you, or schedule an appointment for us to come out and evaluate your particular needs.